SCMA’s 31st Annual Fall Conference will start with a welcome dinner and awards ceremony where you will get a chance to mingle and network with fellow attendees (no-host bar) followed by dinner coupled with an exciting and energizing program.

We will honor Professor Carrie Menkel-Meadow, distinguished Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of California, Irvine and A.B. Chettle Jr. Professor of Law, Dispute Resolution and Civil Procedure Emerita at Georgetown University Law Center. She is one of the founders of the modern legal dispute resolution field and has been teaching negotiation, mediation, and related subjects for over 35 years.

Professor Menkel-Meadow will be receiving SCMA’s annual L. Randolph Lowry Award for a member of the dispute resolution community who has honored and inspired us through their passion and dedication to education in the field. Professor Menkel-Meadow is very accomplished and she continues to leave her footprint wherever her path takes her. She also will provide the keynote speech for the evening on the topic – “Mediation—Its Core from the Past, and What is Happening in the Present? From Mediation 1.0 to Mediation 3.0.”

Also, our sister organization, Kids Managing Conflict (KMC) will be honoring Sarai Benitez with their inaugural “Young Peacemaker Award.” This award recognizes an outstanding Peer Mediator from a Southern California school for their contribution to their fellow students. The recipient is not only a peacemaker at school, they also carry their mediation skills into their home and community. SCMA and KMC are proud to support the mediators of tomorrow. You will be inspired by what Sarai has accomplished and what she had to overcome.

We will thank our outgoing board members: Immediate Past President Jack Goetz, Esq., James Cameron, Esq., Ana Sambold, Esq., and Noah Stein, whose board terms will end this year. We also will install three new board members and our President-Elect (to be announced) along with our new board President, Andy Shelby. In addition, we will give a HUGE THANK YOU to our outgoing SCMA President Angela Reddock-Wright, Esq., for her dedication, passion, and effort that she gave to SCMA during this past year.

This is a great event that promises to be a great kick-off for our annual conference. We hope to see you there.

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