When you stay with us, you will find that while you are at the heart of the cultural, finance, and entertainment hub of Los Angeles Downtown, our hotel offers you a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city transforming into your home away from home.

The LA Grand Hotel Downtown was designed with the everyday traveler in mind. Whether you are traveling for business, visiting friends, or enjoying a family vacation in Los Angeles, we are proud to offer a variety of spacious suite options to satisfy all tastes and accommodate your needs.

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Option 1

  • Where: LA Grand Hotel valet parking, 333 S. Figueroa St., downtown Los Angeles
  • Figueroa is a one-way street. Hotel is on the left, just past 4th St.
  • Enter the main entrance on Figueroa St.
  • Cost: $15.00 (Make sure you tell them that you are attending the SCMA Conference)

Option 2

  • Where: World Trade Center parking garage
  • Located: Directly across from the LA Hotel on Figueroa St.
  • Entrance is on the right, just past 4th St.
  • Cost: $8.00 (SP Parking) or $8.00 (ABM Parking).
    • Both use the World Trade Center garage.

Directions/Information for Option 2

  • Entrances: Two on Figueroa. These are SP Parking. They are located on the right side of the street and are next to each other. You can enter either one.
  • Take a ticket when you enter and keep it. You will pay on the way out.
  • After you park, take the south elevator up to level 1. (Elevators are in the parking rows closest to Figueroa St.)
  • Remember what level you parked on (B, C, D, E, and F)
  • Make a left out of the elevator, then an immediate right. The sign will read: LA Marriott Downtown ->. That was a previous name of the LA Grand Hotel. You will see a double door that leads to the bridge that crosses Figueroa St.
  • Walk across the bridge and into the LA Grand Hotel. You will be on the floor of the hotel on which our event is being held.

Other entrances into the World Trade Center garage: There is one on 3rd St (ABM Parking) and two on Flower (first entrance is ABM Parking, second entrance is SP Parking). All of these entrances are on the right.

If you decide to walk out of the garage onto Figueroa, there is an elevator that is just under the overhead walkway. Push up, then 1.

When going back, reverse your steps:

  1. Walk across the bridge; when inside the World Trade Center building, make a left.
  2. You will see the elevators and the pay machine.
  3. There is also another pay machine just before the arm on the gate as you leave the garage.
  4. The machine accepts credit cards, coins, or cash ($10.00 bill or smaller).

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