Mediation in Arts-Related Conflicts; Building Bridges Through Creative Dialogue

CLE Credits: 1.0 General

Conflict in the arts industry impacts artists, institutions, and stakeholders in various ways. This workshop explores mediation strategies to address arts-related conflicts, from artifact repatriation to day-to-day challenges. Objectives include deepening understanding, introducing mediation techniques, developing practical skills, and fostering peer learning. The workshop structure includes an interactive session, group discussions, and hands-on exercises covering topics such as understanding arts-related conflicts, mediation fundamentals, strategies for collaboration issues and non-payment conflicts, and role-playing case studies. Participants will gain practical skills, innovative strategies, and a deeper understanding of dispute resolution in the arts industry. By fostering collaboration and addressing various conflict scenarios, the workshop contributes to the application of mediation in arts and culture disputes, creating an interdisciplinary and enriching opportunity for learning, sharing experiences, and fostering collaboration.


Alexandra Blodorn