Misunderstood Minds: Inclusivity in Practice

Confusion, non-responsiveness, yelling, repetition…these behaviors (and more) can be misinterpreted as a client just being “difficult” but what if these behaviors actually signaled something else? Client behavior in mediation could be communicating an unmet need that impacts information access. Attuning to these needs work to provide full access to the process. Join us for a […]

Mediation in Arts-Related Conflicts; Building Bridges Through Creative Dialogue

Conflict in the arts industry impacts artists, institutions, and stakeholders in various ways. This workshop explores mediation strategies to address arts-related conflicts, from artifact repatriation to day-to-day challenges. Objectives include deepening understanding, introducing mediation techniques, developing practical skills, and fostering peer learning. The workshop structure includes an interactive session, group discussions, and hands-on exercises covering […]

How to Turn Gladiators Into Peacemakers

In order for a mediation to be successful and effective, each party must understand the difference between litigation and mediation and shift from a gladiator/winning mindset to a peacemaker/problem-solving mindset. While mediators play an important role in creating an environment that encourages collaboration and creative problem solving, many clients lack the tools to communicate effectively, […]

How Do I Get Started? A Step-By-Step Guide for New Practitioners

Many new practitioners start by taking training to build mediation skills. But then what? Most have never had to set up or run the business of delivering professional services. Three speakers will provide step-by-step guidance on what to do after the training course: 1) Setting up a practice starts with a legal entity, getting an […]

All Roads Lead to Rome: Forging Your Own Path to a Career in Mediation

In this workshop, ARC and MCLA neutral and former Court Commissioner Anthony S. Khoury–a Straus LL.M. student, Community Mediator and former Child Welfare Administrator Cheryl Epps–a Straus MDR student, and Professor Sherri Sturgeon–a Straus MDR alumna, who’s also an Adjunct Faculty Coordinator for the Straus Mediation Clinic, will present three different paths to a career […]